Small Groups: Fall 2017


10:30am, Adventuring Through the Bible, led by Tony Ellard


For Adults:

  • The Book of Titus, led by Tod Corrigan (men's Bible study)--In this study, we discover what it looks like when the Gospel has truly taken root in our lives, producing the fruit of godliness. As we pass these things on to future generations, the Church stands in bright contrast to the darkness of the world.
  • The Book of Ruth, led by Tabby Van Gelder--In this series, we are shown how God moves behind the scenes in our lives. On the surface, this book tells the story of two widows and a kind landowner. Even more, it teaches us about God's faithfulness, love, and providence. 
  • The Seven Letters, led by Cliff Haydon--This series is an in-depth look at the seven letters in the Book of Revelation. Diving into this book will help us discover a deeper understanding and allow us to rejoice in the coming of the Kingdom!
  • The Good Book, led by Pastor Michelle Borbe--The Bible is a big book. Hundreds and characters and thousands of ideas parade across its pages from beginning to end. From the uninitiated to the very seasoned, readers of the Bible will always find something new to learn in The Good Book.

For Youth:

  • Worship Workshop
  • Youth Bible Study

For Children:

  • Nursery for infants through 3 years
  • “Kids Quest” for 4 years old through 2nd graders
  • “Break-in: How to Know Christ” for 3rd through 6th graders



  • For adults: If God Is So Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil by Randy Alcorn, led by Garren Clark and Rodney Neiss. 
  • For teens: Amp'd Sunday Mornings, led by the Youth Ministry Team. This teaching and small group discussion is divided by Junior High and Senior High.
  • For children: Sunday Kids Small Groups, hands-on, interactive curriculum and Biblical truths.


  • For adults: The Gospels: A Chronological Study, led by Cliff Haydon. 
  • For adults: Isn't That the Truth!, led by Bob Liedle. 
  • For children: Elevate Kids Church, for grades 1-6, an exciting, interactive workshop service, and Jr. Kids Church for preschoolers and kindergartners, teaching foundational Bible stories through age-appropriate activities.